Rope Gustav Wolf PAWO F1 6mm, SEAL 6x19S +SFC, 1770 N/mm2

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  • Availability:In stock
  • Producer:Gustav Wolf Drahtseilwerk GmbH
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02230001
  • EAN:02230001
  • Tensile strength:1770N/mm2
  • Use of the rope:For overspeed governors
  • Rope diameter:6mm
  • Core type:Fiber
  • GW.Pawo_f1_6-x-19-S-SFC-1770-U-sZ_.png
  • GW.Pawo_f1_6-x-19-S-SFC-1770-U-sZ_.png
Product description
Product description

Rope for overspeed governors PAWO F1 from the German manufacturer fy Gustav Wolf.

A variety of ropes are required to achieve proper operation to meet the many different requirements of overspeed governors.

Technical data:
Construction: 6 x 19 Seale with fiber core, regular lays.
Supporting wires in the outer strands: 114
Tensile class: 1770 N/mm2
Core type: fiber core
Steel wire: clean or galvanized
Rope diameter (mm): 6
Calculated weight (kg/m): 0.126
Min. breaking load (kN): 21.0

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