Lubrication for ropes GUSTAV WOLF T86 - 1 x 5L

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Product description
Product description

Gustav Wolf T86 grease for manual relubrication, 5l package.

Gustav Wolf lift ropes are carefully lubricated during production. During operation and over time, the amount of lubricant supplied by the manufacturer decreases as the lubricant is consumed. Timely and regular relubrication of lift ropes is therefore necessary and especially extends the life of the rope in demanding installations.

Gustav Wolf lubricants are a very thin liquid and are easily absorbed into the inside of the rope. They can be easily and cleanly applied with a brush (for T10 and with a roller) or applied directly using a practical 1-liter bottle (part of a 1-liter package). Gustav Wolf T86 Rope Lubricant should be applied to the extent and location where the ropes are in contact with the traction and/or deflection sheaves, if possible, as this is where the rope "opens up" due to deflection which allows the lubricant to the rope flowed more easily into the inside of the rope.

Warning: T86 contains a solvent. The flash point is 60 °C and after evaporation of the solvent is 235 °C.