Standard tensioning systems TEN300

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  • Product code:napínací_systém_TEN300
  • EAN:02300011
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Product description
Product description

The tensioning device TEN300 STANDARD by Dynatech is designed to provide the necessary tension for the rope of a standard overspeed governor located in the engine room or elevator shaft. The tensioning device is attached as standard to the main guide of the cabin, along which the overspeed governor rope runs. The tensioning device contains two iron blocks, which, with the help of a lever and gravity, supply the necessary tension to the rope. The pulley diameter is 200 mm.

The tensioning device TEN300 STANDARD is used with overspeed governor ropes with diameters of 6 mm / 6.5 mm. The device is delivered in a cardboard box and unassembled, so before assembly itself, it must be assembled according to the enclosed instructions.

The package includes as standard:
- Rope release contact
- Pulley cover
- Cast iron pulley
- Clips for attaching to a leash
- System against falling out of ropes