Sliding Clip SL-P10

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  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:01340061
  • Product code:SL-P10 příchytka
  • EAN:01340061
  • Clip typeSheet metal
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Product description
Product description

Guide clips are part of the elevator system that are used to attach the elevator guide rails to the guide brackets in the elevator shaft. They are necessary for safe fastening and reliable operation of the elevator and enable the correct guidance of the cabin within the shaft.

Parametric table:

Designation For guide rails K F ± 1,25 ØS 0-0,5 T ± 0,3 U ± 0,6 V ± 0,6 A±1,5 B±1,5 D±1 E±0,75 G±1 H±0,2 L mm M±0,25
mm mm mm mm mm   mm mm mm úhel
SL-P10 T89/A, T89/B, T90/A, T90/B, T114/B, T125/B, T127-1/B M12           76 70 7     5 18,5±0,5 13