Progressive Safety Gear eASG-100-UD,Q+P 1408-1636 Kg, TYPE C11 G-16+ DA-UD

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  • Availability:On order
  • Producer:Dynatech
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02200329
  • Product code:eASG-100-UD_C11G16+DA-UD
  • EAN:02200329
  • Electromechanical:YES
  • P+Q range:01000-2000kg
  • Direction of acting:Bi-directional
  • Guide rail width:16mm
  • Guide rail type:Cold drawn
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  • eASG UD rear.jpg
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  • eASG UD front.jpg
  • eASG UD rear.jpg
  • e-ASG UD (bobinas desacopladas).jpg
  • easg-vykres.jpg
Product description
Product description

Bi-directional electromechanical safety gear eASG-100 from DYNATECH with progressive movement for use in lift installations. Electromechanical safety gears represent an evolutionary development, where the acting mechanism is controlled electronically from the elevator control board and the acting mechanism is driven by a strong electromagnetic coil.

The safety gear is certified to EN81-20/50 standards and is suitable for use as part of an Unintended Cabin Movement (UCM) system. The safety gear is completely made in a design that prevents corrosion.

The eASG-100 safety gear is intended for cold drawn and lubricated guide rails.

The eASG setup assembly has the option of separate coils, where this option allows more control over the system as you can monitor the status of the reset coil.

The DA / DA-UD acting electromechanism is always assembled with the safety gear itself when safery gears are delivered.

Technical specification:

Guide rail width: 16 mm
Acting mechanism: DA-UD
Power supply:
24 VDC
Holding current:
0,32 A (0,16 X 2)
Nominal P+Q: 1522 kg
P+Q range: 1408 - 1636 kg
Minimum gripping width: 25 mm
Maximum rated speed: 2,00m/s
Maximum tripping speed: 2,33m/s