Polyamide pulley-Ø200,1x6mm, 2x bearing HRB6003 2RS (35/17), pulley widht 20/22mm

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  • Producer:FRONTIER
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:01060003
  • Product code:200-01-6-00-35-17-H2RSW20/22F
  • EAN:01060003
  • Number of grooves:1
  • Axle diameter:17mm
  • Pulley diameter:200mm
  • Rope diameter:6mm
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Product description
Product description

Final grooved polyamide pulley fitted with bearings. The pulley is suitable for use in an elevator installation as a deflection or divertor pulley on the machine bedplate or cabin frame or counterweight.

Pulley parameters:

Pulley diameter: 200 mm
Number of grooves: 1
Rope diameter: 6 mm
Spacing of grooves: 0 mm
Pulley width: 20/22 mm
Type of bearings: HRB 6003 2RS
Diameter for axle: 17 mm