Overspeed governor QUASAR SV, BI-DIRECTIONAL, nominal speed 1,00m/s, A3, 24V

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  • Availability:On order
  • Producer:Dynatech S.a.
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02300104
  • EAN:02300104
  • Coil Voltage:24 VDC
  • Rated speed:1,00m/s
  • Pulley diameter:120mm
  • OG equipment:A3 UCM
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  • QUASAR SV A3.jpg
  • Quasar SV+A3.jpg
  • QUASAR SV A3.jpg
Product description
Product description

Dynatech's QUASAR SV two-way overspeed governor for elevator car use is the smallest governor in Dynatech's portfolio. The QUASAR SV governor is suitable for detecting and preventing uncontrolled cabin movement (UCM). The limiter is made in a design that prevents corrosion.

The QUASAR SV overspeed governor is produced in a minimalist design with a pulley with a diameter of only 120 mm and it can be used with cables with a diameter of 4 mm.

The overspeed governor includes an overspeed contact, protection against ropes falling out, a hardened groove and a safety switch with automatic reset (up to a nominal speed of 1 m/s inclusive).

The QUASAR SV overspeed governor can optionally be equipped with the following accessories:
- A3 coil for UCM, voltage 24VDC, 48VDC or 190VDC
- Coil for remote tripping (testing), voltage 24VDC, 48VDC or 190VDC
- Limiter cover (separate item, not included in governor packages)
- Test groove (not a standard part of the governor)

When using the govoernor together with the SD-BOX, the A3 coil voltage must be 24VDC.

The QUASAR SV overspeed governor cannot be used for installation in an elevator shaft.

Technical data:

Rated speed: 1,00 m/s
Tripping speed: 1,40 m/s
Pulley diameter: 120 mm
Hardened pulley: ANO
UCM (A3): ANO, 24 VDC
Remote tripping: ANO, 24 VDC
Electric remote reset: NE