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  • Availability:On order
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02580109
  • Product code:LBS2085-MCA
  • EAN:02580109
  • Groove pitch:850/800
  • Traction sheave diameter:100 mmmm
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  • pohon-M2.jpg
Product description
Product description

Cabin door BUS M2 from fy METRON, which, thanks to its simple design, is suitable for installation both in new elevators and in renovations. BUS M2 doors according to the EN 81-20 standard are suitable for replacing existing car door drives on elevators that are still installed according to EN 81-20.

Cabin door mechanism BUS M2 from fy METRON for completing doors with dimensions of 850/800mm and with a sill width of 100mm. The door mechanism is equipped with a central motor that opens the door panels with the help of rods, there are no belts. The mechanism is equipped with a panels door lock according to EN 81-20 and is equipped with a backup battery that facilitates possible recovery in the situation of a power failure. The mechanism of the cabin door is equipped with a control card that enables the regulation of door operation even when an obstacle is detected when opening or closing the door.

Mechanism length (CL): 850mm
Clear opening (CO): 800mm
Door sill width:: 100mm

The BUS M2 door mechanism is sold separately. For a complete BUS M2 folding door, it is also necessary to purchase M11 cabin door panels, sill support, toe guard and retiring cam.