LED light for landing doors, 4 x 1W, withouth accumulator, with motion sensor_SET

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Product description
Product description

Compact LED lighting module for the elevator platform. The module contains 4 LEDs and a built-in motion sensor, which ensures platform lighting only if there is a person on the elevator platform, thus saving the cost of electricity for lighting.

The LED platform lighting is supplied in a set with a supply cable, wire terminals and dowels with screws.

Product specification:

Model: LWAL-004S
Performance: 4 x 1W
Input voltage: AC 100-265V 50/60Hz
Light temperature: 6000-6500K
Light source: LED
Number of LEDs: 4
Power factor: 0,95
Uniform Glare Rating (UGR): <19
Luminous flux: 440-480 lm
Brightness efficiency: 110-120 lm/W
Dimmable type: NE
CRI: 80>=
Lighting angle: 30-120°
Service life: 50 000 hours
Dimensions: 178x72x30mm
Motion sensor: YES, 20 s
Materials: Aluminium
Color: Silver


Notes before installation:
1. Install only by qualified electricians.
2.Make sure the power supply is disconnected before installation.
3. Make sure the voltage is suitable for the lighting and connect the L/N/G correctly.
4. All lights should not be covered from above or below during installation or use.
5. Do not open the lamps without the manufacturer's permission.

1. Connect the wires for AC 85 - 265 V.
2. Mount directly on the wall.