Instantaneous safety gear BP.2, load up to 4000kg, for guides 16mm, left

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  • Availability:On order
  • Producer:PFB Srl
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02290008
  • EAN:02290008
  • P+Q range:02000-3000kg , 03000-4000kg , 04000-5000kg
  • Direction of acting:Downward
  • Guide rail width:16mm
  • Guide rail type:Machined , Cold drawn
  • Monoroller safety gears for lifts BP PFB.png
  • 122_BP_2.jpg
  • Monoroller safety gears for lifts BP PFB.png
  • 122_BP_2.jpg
Product description
Product description

One-way instantaneous safety gear BP2 left (16mm) from PFB for use in elevator installations. The safety gear is certified by TÜV Germany according to the European directive 95/16/EC and the EN81-1/2 standard and the 2014/33/EU directive and the EN81-20 / 50 standard. The BP1 safety gear is single-roller and is intended for 16 mm wide guides.

The BP2 safety gear (16mm) is designed separately for the left and right side of the installation. It is NECESSARY to order 1 piece left and 1 piece right per installation.

Each BP2 (16mm) safety gear has its own serial number.

Technical data:

Minimum width to grip: 23 mm
Maximum rated cabin speed: 0,63 m/s
Maximum cabin tripping speed: 1,00 m/s
Maximum counterweight tripping speed: 1,65 m/s


Load range for each guide rails and tripping speeds:

Tripping speed (m/s) Load for guide rails 16 mm wide (kg)
0,50 4059
0,60 3905
0,70 3738
0,80 3563
0,90 3382
1,00 3201
1,10 3023
1,20 2848
1,32 2648
1,65 2156