Insert EM 12 PECU, for HSM + WSM,for rail width 12 mm, ETN-HM-1000, Cell-Profile 24-50,140x29,5x30mm

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  • Availability:In stock
  • Producer:ETN
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:01710058
  • Product code:309220
  • EAN:01710058
  • Insert material:PECU (Polyethylene ETN®-HM-1000) s cell VU
  • For the guide rail shoe:HSM 140 , WSM 140
  • Guide rail width:12mm
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  • 309220_1200x1200.jpg
Product description
Product description

EM 12 PECU guide shoe insert from the German manufacturer ETN.

 Main properties of the material PECU (Polyethylene ETN®-HM-1000) with cell VU:
- Characteristics see 
insert material - PE
- Very good damping properties thanks to the Cell insert
- Additional damping properties in all directions thanks to the Cell-VU insert (1.5 mm)
- Very good sound insulation, making the liner ideal for guides that are in poor condition
- Very quiet operation as no sounds are transmitted


Insert width: 29,5 mm
Insert height: 30 mm
Insert length: 140 mm
Insert material: PECU (Polyethylene ETN®-HM-1000) s cell VU
For guide rail width: 12 mm
Suitable for guide shoe: HSM 140 a WSM 140
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