Insert EL 16 PA, for HSML + WSML, for rail 16 mm, 180 x 50 x 36,5 mm

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Product description
Product description

EL 16 PA guide shoe insert from the German manufacturer ETN.

Main properties of the PA (polyamide) material:
- Polyamide is part of a large group of hard plastics with good sliding properties.
- The damping characteristics are much worse compared to TPU.
- This material cannot be used without lubrication.
- Compressive load of 1 N/mm² is higher than TPU.
- The operating temperature range is between -10°C and +40°C.At higher temperatures, the material becomes more plastic, softens and wear increases.


Insert width: 36,5 mm
Insert height: 50 mm
Insert length: 180 mm
Insert material: PA (polyamid)
For guide rail width: 16 mm
Suitable for guide shoe: HSML 180, HSMLS (GG) 180 a WSML 180
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