Guide shoe T410 - plastic guarniture for guide of 16mm

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  • Availability:In stock
  • Producer:PFB Srl
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02000018
  • Product code:8024441000_16mm
  • EAN:02000018
  • Guide rail shoe material:Cast iron
  • Usage of the guide rail shoe:On the cabin
  • Guide rail shoe design:Articulated
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  • T410-vykres.jpg
  • T410 Guide Shoe.jpg
  • T410-vykres.jpg
Product description
Product description

Cast iron guide shoe T410 from the manufacturer fy PFB. T410 cast iron guide shoe is suitable for use on car frames and heavier lift counterweights. The guide shoe PFB T410 can be supplied separately or in a set with guide shoe insert according to the required width of the guide rail. Guide shoe load is 2500kg.

This guide shoe comes with a 16mm wide guide shoe insert installed.