Guide rail lubricator ETN 170,for guide holder HSM,WSM,WSMLN+HSMLN,for rail 5-16 mm,incl.screw M6x10

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  • Producer:ETN
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02160013
  • EAN:02160013
  • Guide rail width:10mm , 12mm , 15mm , 16mm , 5mm , 9mm
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Product description
Product description

Oil lubricator ETN 170 from fy ETN, type 305070. Oil lubricators are used to lubricate the guide rails of the cabin and the counterweight, so that there is no unwanted friction between the lining of the guide shoes and the guide rail, and at the same time noise is reduced when the elevator is running.

Oil lubricant ETN 170 is a universal lubricant for various ETN guide shoes: HSM, HSM-GG, WSM, WSMLN + HSMLN.

The main features of the ETN 170 lubricant:
- very compact and saves space
- does not extend beyond the guide shoes from the side
- for easy assembly and replacement
- additional benefits – same as the ETN 120 lubricant
- shaped design in connection with the guide shoe


For guide rails:
5 -16 mm
Height: 170 mm
Width: 113 mm
Depth: 42 mm
Material: Special plastic from ETN