Guide holder HSMK 100 P - 100 x 75 mm - Plastic

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  • Availability:In stock
  • Producer:P+S
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02530009
  • EAN:02530009
  • Guide rail shoe material:Plastic
  • Usage of the guide rail shoe:On the counterweight
  • Guide rail shoe design:Flat
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  • hsmk-vykres.jpg
  • HSMK 100-P_02530009.JPG
  • hsmk-vykres.jpg
Product description
Product description

Plastic guide shoe HSMK 100 from the German manufacturer fy P+S. The plastic guide shoe HSMK 100 is suitable for use on the frames of small cabins and elevator counterweights. The EKPE + DT-GF type guide shoe insert is suitable for the HSMK 100 guide shoe for the dimensions of guide rails 5 - 16 mm wide. The guide shoe is made of plastic and its minimum market force is 15 kN.

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