Gearless machine WR-E,load 800kg,2:1, 1m/s, 5,1kW, brake 110V, ECN1313, 240_8x6,5_Vh

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  • Producer:KINETEK
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:01300072
  • Product code:WR-800-100-E-800_240_8x6,5_1,0_V
  • EAN:01300072
  • Roping:2:1
  • Load capacity:800kg
  • Traction sheave diameter:240mm
  • Speed:1,00m/s
  • Machine design:Compact
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  • WR-800-E(240mm) 0SD.300_.jpg
Product description
Product description

Kinetek gearless machine of the WR-E series, designed especially for machine room-less, but also for machine room installations of elevators and lifting platforms in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines.

This machine model of the WR-E series - model WR-800-100-E is equipped with a traction sheave with a diameter of 240 mm.

Kinetek WR-E series machines are machines of compact barrel design, equipped with Heidenhein ECN 1313 encoder, for use with various types of frequency converters.

Machine parameters:

Load  (kg) Speed (m/s) Rated power (kW) Rated current (A) Rated speed (rpm) Frequency (Hz) Traction sheave (mm) Poles (2p) Torque (Nm) Ropes Groove pitch (mm) Groove
800 1,0 5,1 17,0 159 27,0 240 20 380 8-Φ6,5 12 Hardened V
Undercut angle Groove angle Roping Shaft load (kg) Brake type Brake voltage Brake torque (Nm) Protection Insulation class Hand wheel Remote brake release Weight (kg)
---- γ=50° 2:1 2 200 Plate DC110V 2 X 650 IP40 F N Y/N 220
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