Gearless machine WR,load 2000kg,2:1, 1m/s, 11,5 kW, brake 110V, ECN1313, 320_12x8

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  • Producer:KINETEK
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:01300051
  • Product code:WR-2000-100-2000_320_12x8_1,0
  • EAN:01300051
  • Roping:2:1
  • Load capacity:2000kg
  • Traction sheave diameter:320mm
  • Speed:1,00m/s
  • Machine design:Compact
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Product description
Product description

Kinetek gearless machine of the WR series, designed especially for machine room-less, but also for machine room installations of elevators and lifting platforms in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines.

This machine model of the WR series - model WR-2000-100 is equipped with a standard traction sheave with a diameter of 320 mm.

Kinetek WR series machines are machines of compact barrel design, equipped with Heidenhein ECN 1313 encoder, for use with various types of frequency converters.

Machine parameters:

Load  (kg) Speed (m/s) Rated power (kW) Rated current (A) Rated speed (rpm) Frequency (Hz) Traction sheave (mm) Poles (2p) Torque (Nm) Ropes Groove pitch (mm) Groove
2 000 1,0 11,5 31,0 119 20,0 320 20 922 12-Φ8 12 Undercut U
Undercut angle Groove angle Roping Shaft load (kg) Brake type Brake voltage Brake torque (Nm) Protection Insulation class Hand wheel Remote brake release Weight (kg)
β=90° γ=30° 2:1 5 000 Plate DC110V 2 X 1400 IP40 F N Y/N 500
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