Geared machine Montanari M73, load 250 kg, 1:1, speed 0,70 m/s, 3,0 kW, TS 700 2x11mm

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  • Availability:On order
  • Producer:Montanari Giulio & C.
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:01720047
  • Product code:M73_3,0kW_250_700_2x11_0,70m
  • EAN:01720047
  • Roping:1:1
  • Load capacity:250kg
  • Traction sheave diameter:700mm
  • Speed:0,7m/s
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  • argani-lift-m73.png
Product description
Product description

The M73 geared machine from the Italian manufacturer MONTANARI GIULIO is the geared machine that, according to the manufacturer, powers tens of thousands of elevators in Italy and around the world and is the world's best-selling geared machine for 6-passenger elevator installations. The M73 series of geared machines have an operating load capacity of up to 480 kg and a variable static load from 2200 to 3500 kg. In several versions, the M73 geared machine is a complete range for use in residential, public and commercial buildings.

Machine specifications:

Load capacity: 250 kg
Roping: 1 : 1
Power: 3,0 kW
Speed: 0,7 m/s
Gear ratio: 1 / 75
Traction shaeve diameter: 700 mm
Number of ropes: 2
Rope diameter: 11 mm
Brake voltage: 48 V, OR OPTIONAL