Geared machine Alberto Sassi, MF84, 17,6kW, load 1600kg, 2:1, speed 1,05m/s, TS 520-6x11mm

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  • Availability:On order
  • Producer:Alberto Sassi
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02620093
  • Product code:MF84_17,6kW_1600_520_6x11_1,05m
  • EAN:02620093
  • Roping:2:1
  • Load capacity:1600kg
  • Traction sheave diameter:520mm
  • Speed:1,00m/s
  • argano geared machine MF84 sassi.png
  • argano geared machine MF84 sassi.png
Product description
Product description

The MF84 geared machine from the Italian manufacturer ALBERTO SASSI is a modern traction machine, compact in size and has a high static load - 6,000 kg - obtained without an isostatic shaft. The MF84 geared machine can be equipped with a newly developed brake on the low-speed shaft. Using this machine, the cabin speed can be up to 1.6 m/s.

Machine specifications:

Load capacity: 1600 kg
Roping: 2 : 1
Power: 17,6 kW
Speed: 1 m/s
Gear ratio: 2 / 39
Traction shaeve diameter: 520 mm
Number of ropes: 6
Rope diameter: 11 mm
Brake voltage: 48 V, OR OPTIONAL
Encoder: NO