Controller UCM TVRDEX NPK UCM 48AD/1M with self-levelling and door pre opening

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  • Product code:NPK modul+MPD(UCM)48AD/1M
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Product description
Product description

Safety system to detect and prevent unintentional movement of the elevator car (UCM). A system cooperating with different manufacturers of limiters and interceptors and controlled by this NPK module.

The NPK module was developed by the Slovak switchboard manufacturer TVRDEX in close cooperation with the Slovak TUV, it was strictly certified and meets all valid standards.

The NPK fully replaces the D-Box and, in comparison to the D-Box, has two additional important features - it enables the door safety circuit to be bypassed during the call-in of the cabin at the station and allows the cabin doors to be opened before the cabin reaches the station.

It also allows you to choose a variant of the length of the signal per coil - standard 1 minute, optional 5 s

The NPK module works with most types of safety gears and overspeed governors on the market, Dynatech, Montanari, Cobianchi, PFB, etc. This enables a great variability of the components used according to the current needs of the customer.

The manufacturer issues a cover certificate for the combination of selected safety components - NPK module - safety gear - overspeed governor.

Power supply: 12 V DC (also from a regular battery)
For safety circuit: 48 V AC
Length of signal per coil: 1 minute
For coils A3: 12 V DC and 24 V DC
UCM detection: Using one, two or three position sensors
Fault detection: Simple fault detection using 4 LEDs with error display
Error memory: Permanent memory of the error status according to EN 81-20
Settings: No settings are required for the NPK module
Mounting: On a DIN rail (directly in the elevator switchboard)

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