CONTROLLER M1_ EN 81-1 (version 4.07)

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  • Availability:In stock
  • Producer:METRON
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02580097
  • Product code:C00000004645_M1_EN 81-1
  • EAN:02580097
  • Spare part for door type:BUS M1
  • Control unit for:BUS M1
  • Standard:EN 81-1
  • 02580097.PNG
  • 02580097.PNG
Product description
Product description

Control card for METRON BUS M1 door mechanism. The control card with the V4.07 card version and higher is a universal card even for lower versions of the card. The card is only for BUS M1 doors, according to the EN 81-1 standard and is only used to replace the original defective card with a new one. Control cards for M1 doors do not have an EN 81-20 card version. This is an original spare part.

ATTENTION: the control card for the BUS M1 door is visually identical to the control card for the BUS M11 door and can easily be confused. Swapped cards in the respective doors will not work, so pay attention to the written version of the card - V.XX for BUS M1 drives versus V2XX for BUS M11 drives.