Controll unit OMS 520 with floor compensation

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  • Product code:OMS520FC
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  • Unit Voltage:24VDC , 48VDC
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Product description
Product description

Control unit of the OMS520 weighing system with floor compensation. Weighing systems are an integral part of elevator installations, with the help of which it is possible to monitor the real load of the cabin and thereby prevent overloading and at the same time excessive wear of parts of the elevator installation. If the maximum permitted carrying capacity of the cabin is exceeded, the weighing system will automatically react and prevent the elevator from traveling until the load in the cabin is reduced. In this way, it protects both the elevator itself and its passengers.

Up to 4 weighing sensors can be connected to the OMS 520 control unit using a combiner.

The main advantages of the OMS 520 unit:
- Menu control
- Displaying the load in kilograms or in percent
- Protecting important data from being compromised with a password
- Automatic zero shift correction, brings the device to an optimal state
- Self-learning function, regulating the error of additional weight
- Full inspection of equipment for exchange, self-diagnostics and alarm
- Self-learning operation controlled by any fixed load


Power supply: 16 – 48 VDC
Nominal power: < 4W
Number of relays: 4 (overload, full load, half load and no load)
Contact load: 1A 125VAC/2A 230VDC, 5A 250VAC/5A 30VDC
Display: kilograms / percentage of load
Analog voltage: -10V - +10V, 0V - +10V
Analog current: optional (4-20mA)
Operating temperature: -45°C - +85°C
Sensor operating voltage: 5 VDC
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