Compact tensioning systems TEN200

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  • Producer:Dynatech
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02300009
  • Product code:napínací_systém_TEN200_compact
  • EAN:02300009
  • Pulley diameter:200mm
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Product description
Product description

The TEN200 COMPACT tensioning device from Dynatech is designed to provide the necessary tension for the rope of a standard overspeed governor located in the machine room or elevator shaft. Unlike conventional tensioning devices that use weights to create rope tension, these weights have been removed from the TEN200 COMPACT and replaced with springs.

It is a very compact design with minimal dimensions, which is ideal for use in installations with reduced headroom and recess. The diameter of the pulley itself is only 200 mm.

The tensioner TEN200 COMPACT is used with overspeed governor ropes with diameters of 6 mm / 6.5 mm, and this product, which is supplied assembled. This makes it possible to reduce the time required for assembly into the installation to a minimum.

The package includes as standard:
- Rope release contact
- Rope tensioner (allows easy re-tensioning of the rope if necessary)
- Cast iron pulley
- System against falling out of ropes

When using the TEN200 COMPACT tensioning device on elevators, it is strongly recommended to use overspeed governors with a hardened groove. This will limit the possible extrusion of the rope into the groove of the overspeed governor.