Brackets for lightcurtain WECO 03.DDB.FR45

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  • Producer:WECO
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02210030
  • EAN:02210030
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Product description
Product description

The mounting brackets for the optical curtain WECO 03.DDB.FR45 are universal mounting elements for attaching the optical curtains between the cabin and landing door panelss. It is an optional accessory that can be re-ordered if necessary.

The 03.DDB.FR45 mounting bracket set is a universal solution for most WECO photocurtain models, such as the L, M, A, B, C series and others.

The set includes:

- 12 pieces of M4 nuts and bolts
- 2 pcs of long slats for fixing the slats of the optical curtains
- 2 pcs of long L brackets
- 2 pcs of short L brackets
- 2 pcs of perforated brackets