BELT CLIP (LENGTH 330MM) till 630kg

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  • Availability:On order
  • Producer:FAXI
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02390028
  • Product code:Závěsný šroub_330mm
  • EAN:02390028
  • Screw length:330mm
  • For flat belts:YES
  • Rope diameter:Pás 30mmmm
  • Thread:M14
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  • DJ-330.jpg
  • zaves pasu.jpg
  • DJ-330.jpg
Product description
Product description

Belt attachment for flat belts. The screw has a total length of 330mm, is equipped with a spring and is suitable for use on lifts up to a cabin capacity of 630kg. Part of the screw is a clutch of flat belts.