Shipping information

Fast and reliable shipping is a key element for us to ensure your maximum satisfaction. We want your orders to reach you conveniently, on time and in perfect condition. That's why we have several transport options for you to ensure the most suitable one.

Our shipping options include:

1. TRANSPORT SERVICE: For parcel shipments up to 30 kg. This option is ideal for lighter and smaller component shipments. We organize, via DPD, the collection of parcel shipments on a daily basis.

Indicative price table for parcel transport via DPD:

Package weight: Shipping price HU* Shipping price PL*
5 kg 20,2,- Euro 20,2,- Euro
10 kg 20,4,- Euro 20,4,- Euro
15 kg 23,4,- Euro 23,4,- Euro
20 kg 23,6,- Euro 23,6,- Euro
25 kg 33,- Euro 33,- Euro
30 kg 33,2,- Euro 33,2,- Euro


2. PALLET COLLECTION: For shipments of goods whose volume does not fit within the weight and size limit of parcel transport. We organize the collection of pallet shipments twice a week, always on Wednesdays and Fridays. The shipping price depends on the volume and weight of the shipment and is determined individually.

3. Personal collection at the warehouse in Sviadnov: If you prefer personal collection of the shipment, you can collect the material directly from our warehouse. Personal collection is free.

Address for personal collection:
739 25, SVIADNOV
MON-FRI: 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m

4. SHIPMENT: For large shipments of guides or complete lift packages. The price of transportation is always calculated based on specific parameters and the destination of your shipment, and we always choose a suitable truck according to specific shipments. The shipping price depends on the volume and weight of the shipment and is determined individually.

Our transportation services are carefully selected to meet the various needs of our customers. Each shipment is carefully packed to protect it during transit, and we use reliable carriers with years of experience.

*The price is indicative without VAT and changes depending on the set amount of the carrier's fuel surcharge. Prices for delivery to Austria and Germany are also affected by the exchange rate of the Czech crown to the Euro.