Dear customers,

We have expanded our range of elevator components to include the DYNATECH eASG-100 and eASG-120 electromechanical safety gears, which represent a revolutionary shift in elevator safety. Don't miss this innovation that increases reliability and ensures safe movement on every floor!


Why choose eASG electromechanical safety gears?

  1.  Evolution in safety: The proven technologies of ASG mechanical safety gears are combined with the advanced DA or DA-UD electromechanical acting system. This combination represents an evolution in elevator safety components.
  2. Effective control mechanism: The control of the tripping system is by means of strong coils, which ensure effective control over the UCM and the overall safety of the elevator. The new DA / DA-UD mechanism eliminates the need for a connecting rod of individual safety gears, allowing individual control of individual safety gear in the elevator system.
  3. Electronic control flexibility: eASG electromechanical safety gears can be easily integrated into a lift system with an electronic overspeed governor, lift position system or encoder. These electronic control elements ensure the transmission of information and signals about the speed, direction and position of the elevator car and ensure precise control of the safety gears.

Where to find more information:

For complete documentation and specifications, log in to our e-shop and you will find the necessary information and documents for individual products.