Progressive safety gear PR-2500-UD V.35, Q+P 1317-1531 Kg, TYPE C8 G-14

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  • Availability:On order
  • Producer:Dynatech
  • Guarantee:24 months
  • Code:02200159
  • Product code:PR-2500-UD-V.35_C8G14
  • EAN:02200159
  • P+Q range:1000-2000kg
  • Direction of acting:Bi-directional
  • Guide rail width:14mm
  • Guide rail type:Machined , Cold drawn
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Product description
Product description

Bi-directional safety gear PR-2500 V.35 from DYNATECH with floating movement for use in elevator installations. The safety gear is certified to EN81-20/50 standards and is suitable for use as part of an Unintended Cabin Movement (UCM) system. The safety gear is completely made in a design that prevents corrosion. To double the P+Q range, it is possible to connect two pairs of safety gears in a TANDEM configuration.

The PR-2500 V.35 safety gear is designed for machined or cold-drawn and lubricated guide rails.

The safety gears themselves can be connected to each other using the Dynatech - T3 acting mechanism. The acting mechanism is a separate item and is not included with the PR-2500 V.35 safety gears.

Technical data:

Guide rail width: 14 mm
Acting mechanism: T3
Nominal P+Q: 1424 kg
P+Q range: 1317 - 1531 kg
Minimum width to grip: 25 mm
Maximum rated speed: 2,10m/s
Maximum tripping speed: 2,50m/s